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-point deficit. but then friday's strong jobs report could turn that around. i'm joined now by gallup poll editor in chief frank newport. frank, good to see you. good morning. >> good morning! >> okay, so, let me know what you think. how's the race shaping up? how much have we seen? how much have you been able to poll up to this point? >> boy, we're studying the numbers. in fact, we're just looking at the numbers from last night, which we're adding to our rolling average which we will report out at 1:00 today at our view of the race is that romney definitely got a significant boost on thursday and friday of last week. and by the way, that's probably what was picked up for the most part in that pew poll that was discussed. >> okay. >> but when we monitor our data from saturday and sunday, and now just looking at the numbers from last night, obama is picking back up again. so, we think that that continuation of a huge move by romney is not in the data. so, overall, we would say it's looking like the race is, among registered voters, still tilting slightly in obama's direction. among lik
are going to make a dent in deficit reduction you don't pick on things like big bird. you pick on big things like tax cuts for multimillionaires. and -- so -- no, i don't think it is an irrelevant point but i agree we ought to be talking about what the next four years will bring because it looks like romney administration would just be one big surprise party. we have no idea what that is going to be like. so -- but i think the president and the vice president really do need to give the american people a clear sense of where they want to go. >> well, let's talk about that reset because, obviously the president did take a hit in the debate. and there have been a lot of headlines about worried democrats. do you think he needed to make the adjustments? we are hearing about it in his campaign. if he needs to do more, congressman, what is it? >> well, again, you know, i don't think the american people are really interested in who wins the fight between candidates. i think they want inform know what president obama is really willing to fight for. and he's talked time and time again about that -- ne
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Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)